Pathways for Students

Pathways is a Federal government program for students and recent graduates that provides entry level paid opportunities for current students to explore Federal careers while completing their education.

Internship Program Eligibility: Department of the Navy (DON) Pathways Internship opportunities are open to individuals who are accepted for enrollment or enrolled at least half time in a qualifying education institution seeking employment.

For many positions, your major does not need to be directly related to the position. However for some positions, such as Engineer, your major should be directly related to the positions. The USAJOBS Job Opportunities Announcement (JOA) will provide specific guidance related to academic career goals or field of study.

The DON also offers apprenticeships—and the opportunity to gain licensing—to develop highly skilled civilian employees who perform a designated trade or craft, such as carpentry, welding, and scores of other occupations that are vital for reaching our mission objectives. These apprenticeships may fall under the Pathways Authority as well as other authorities including Delegated Examining.

Qualifying Education Institutions:
High School: A high school, whose curriculum has been approved by a State or local governing body, including home school.
Technical or Vocational School: An accredited technical, vocational, and trade schools.
College: 2-year or 4-ear colleges/universities, community colleges, junior colleges, advanced graduate degree, and professional school.

Program Requirements:
Requirements differ for each program but the JOA found at will list the level and type of education and other requirements that may be necessary for the job depending on which program it falls.

Basic requirements for conversion to the competitive (permanent) service* include:

•Completing at least 640 hours of work experience acquired through the Internship Program
•Successfully completing your degree or certificate requirements
•Meeting the qualification standards for the target position
•Completing requirements specified in the DON Pathways Participant Agreement, and
•Performing your job successfully
*Note: Not all internships have conversion eligibility. Refer to the individual JOA for specific information.