United States Naval Academy (USNA)


USNA_for-webAs the undergraduate college of the naval service, United States Naval Academy prepares young men and women to become professional officers in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. After four years of undergraduate study and military training, midshipmen graduate with Bachelor of Science degrees and Reserve commissions.


The USNA STEM program provides opportunities to underrepresented populations and engages K-16 students and educators across the country and abroad. Emphasis is placed on sustainability of programs at a local level, empowering the educators through teacher training, leveraging resources and building community networks. Hundreds of USNA midshipmen participate each year in outreach activities that help prepare them for intellectual challenges by creating opportunities to lead in the classroom, strengthen creative problem solving skills, enhance innovative thinking and hone the ability to respond to spontaneous situations.

Education Programs

USNA STEM activities focus on Navy-relevant curriculum and teacher development. Formal and informal educators from across the country and abroad attend one-day, two-day and week-long workshops focusing on the use of project-based learning in engineering design, chemistry, physics, math, cyber and programming, biology, environmental science and many engineering disciplines. Additionally, thousands of students are reached directly each year via camps, mini-camps, engineering days, festivals and fairs supported by faculty and midshipmen utilizing Navy oriented activities based on real world applications.

Workforce Programs

High-school and college students participate in a variety of paid and unpaid internships including ONR Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program, Project Lead the Way and USNA/ Pathways internships. Students are mentored by a faculty member in a science or engineering research and development area. Additionally, the USNA STEM Center acts as a resource available within USNA to help introduce midshipmen to the rewarding aspects of STEM and to encourage retention of STEM majors at USNA by engaging them in their own studies, often through project-based learning as well as in educational outreach to others. Teacher training workshops focus on workforce preparation of students in critical subject areas.

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