Office of Naval Research (ONR)


ONRThe Office of Naval Research (ONR) provides the science and technology (S&T) necessary to maintain the Navy and Marine Corps’ technological advantage.


Ensuring access to skilled scientists and engineers, ONR’s STEM Grants Program funds projects that provide “game-changing” solutions and establish a diverse pipeline of U.S. citizens interested in uniformed or civilian Navy and Marine Corps careers.

The STEM Grants Program focuses on students at the high school, postsecondary and graduate levels, encouraging them to learn more about naval career opportunities. Other initiatives include:

  • Helping to create innovative educational programs targeting naval science and engineering workforce needs
  • Providing grants up to $600,000 over three years
  • Partnering with educational institutions, nonprofits and businesses
  • Cultivating and strengthening the engineering disciplines across all naval activities, and improving the naval technician pipeline
  • Developing the capacity of the naval workforce to use big data and analytics to strengthen information science disciplines
  • Supporting efforts to connect military veterans with naval STEM careers

Education Programs

ONR STEM initiatives encourage, promote and coordinate naval S&T. Through participation in expos and other outreach events, ONR highlights naval-relevant STEM content, skills and career paths to K-12 students. ONR also supports students at STEM fairs and competitions, providing hands-on activities and an introduction to naval applications for subject matter and skills taught in school.

Workforce Programs

ONR’s workforce programs raise awareness of naval career opportunities, attract and nurture the future talent pool and foster the continued development of the current naval STEM workforce. Laboratory workforce initiatives provide students and faculty opportunities to participate in research programs at Department of Navy (DoN) labs through internships, fellowships and sabbatical leave programs. ONR STEM grants lead to innovative solutions that directly support the development and maintenance of a robust DoN STEM workforce.

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