Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)


NRLThe Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) operates as the full-spectrum corporate laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps—conducting broadly based, multidisciplinary programs of scientific research and advanced technological development. These programs are directed toward maritime applications of new and improved materials, techniques, equipment and systems, as well as ocean, atmospheric and space sciences and related technologies.


The goals of the STEM outreach program at NRL include:

  • Inspiring students to pursue STEM careers
  • Sharing the Navy mission with the local community
  • Retaining the best and brightest local talent for our future workforce

Education Programs

NRL’s original community outreach program was established by a 1985 presidential directive tasking government organizations with supporting local schools. Currently, NRL volunteers promote K-12 community and educational outreach through a set of core STEM programs that include SeaPerch, FIRST Robotics and MATHCOUNTS. NRL also provides professional development to science and math teachers in school districts and systems near our laboratories and field sites. NRL scientists and engineers support other activities such as STEM fairs and student lectures.

Workforce Programs

In addition to the federal Pathways Internships program, NRL participates in the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (high school), Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (college) and post-doctoral programs through the American Society for Engineering Education and National Research Council. Full-time personnel are also encouraged to participate in NRL’s long-term training programs to advance their knowledge in scientific areas while pursuing advanced degrees.



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