Extracurricular Activities

The Naval STEM community offers and participates in many extracurricular programs that highlight naval-relevant STEM. Through clubs, competitions, and summer programs, Naval STEM highlights the fun behind learning and brings the concepts and skills students learn in the classroom to life.



Science Fairs

The Navy and Marine Corps participate each year in more than 425 regional, district and state science and engineering fairs in which high school students exhibit their projects. Qualified experts drawn from local Navy and Marine Corps activities serve as judges, with subsequent presentation of prizes to successful competitors.

Robotics Competitions

Naval STEM Stakeholders sponsor and support numerous robotics competitions across the country. These robotics competitions accommodate students of nearly all ages and offer participants hands-on experience with engineering design, problem solving, computer programming, and many other 21st century skills. Some of the competitions the Naval STEM Community supports include:

Summer Camps

Many Naval STEM Stakeholders offer or support STEM summer camps in their local communities. These camps often include naval scientists and engineers as mentors and/or presenters and range in duration and residency.