Education Initiatives

As part of the Naval STEM effort, the Navy and Marine Corps support students in the U.S. throughout their education. In Naval STEM K-12 programs, hands-on learning experiences are emphasized to encourage students and teachers of all ages to “learn by doing.” This encouragement comes in a variety of forms, including participation in expos and festivals, sponsorship of summer camps and teacher trainings, as well as support of STEM competitions.

Our education Initiatives aim to ensure that students and current professionals are well prepared for and successful in STEM careers that support the Navy and Marine Corps. These initiatives include curricula and degree programs for students, as well as certifications, and further education opportunities for current workforce members. Training the current and future workforce in naval-relevant STEM areas promotes the alignment of professional skills with DoN Workforce needs.

Expos, Festivals, and Demos

The Naval STEM Community participates in numerous events across the country each year. From hosting exhibits at expos, to sponsoring and participating at science fairs, our scientists and engineers frequently engage with students, teachers, and parents through outreach events.

Extracurricular Activities

Just as important as learning about STEM in school is learning through informal education opportunities and engagement outside of school. The Naval STEM community offers and participates in many extracurricular programs that highlight naval-relevant STEM. Through clubs, competitions, and summer programs, Naval STEM highlights the fun behind learning and brings the concepts and skills students learn in the classroom to life.