Workforce Focus

Education & Workforce/ Naval STEM is dedicated promoting awareness of opportunities and engagement in naval research and careers starting with the students that comprise the future talent pool through the professionals within the current workforce.

Naval STEM Workforce pipeline

In 2016, our educational initiatives encompassed approximately  560 programs that served nearly 262,000 students from elementary-to-high school (95.3%), 2 year and 4 year colleges and universities (~5% ) and graduate students (Master’s and PhD degrees, representing 0.2% of all students). The majority of the educational programs are offered at school facilities (49%) and about 31% are offered at Navy laboratories, research or warfare centers.

Our educational outreach benefits about 42,000 teachers, of which the majority is high school teachers (82%). Moreover, community engagement is also exemplified by 98 programs which engaged over 6,000 parents (elementary to high school students’ families.)

Our workforce development initiatives offer 136 training programs serving about 3,000 workers, starting at the postdoctoral training and through employment as civilian (55%) and uniformed (28%). This continuity of support is a critical element in career progression, apart from the many opportunities offered towards acquisition and/ or further professional skill development.