Welcome to the Education & Workforce/ Naval STEM

The chief objective of the Education & Workforce/Naval STEM Division at the Office of Naval Research is to inspire, develop and deliver workers with needed naval STEM capabilities. Naval STEM is the foundational set of capabilities upon which we build our education and workforce outreach initiatives for our current and next workforce.

Under the SECNAV instruction 3900.45, the Chief of Naval Research (The Naval STEM Executive) directs the Naval STEM Coordination Office (NSCO). NSCO coordinates naval STEM education and outreach across and through all naval communities to optimize effectiveness. Education and Workforce integrates naval STEM with workforce initiatives (e.g. SEAP, NREIP), HBCU/MI, awards, scholarships, and fellowships), and coordinates with education and workforce STEM efforts in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. This collaborative STEM effort will allow us to inspire and develop the current and next workforce.

To view recent publications, please visit: https://www.onr.navy.mil/en/Education-Outreach/Navy-STEM-Strategy


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